Getting ready for Halloween- Black Swan

imagesNot sure what to be for Halloween? Whether your trick or treating OR going to a party/bar, try the Black Swan look. Here are makeup products and guidelines to help you achieve your look.

*Note you don’t have to use the exact brands I use, a substitute of another brand is ok!

You can find special makeup products at any halloween costume shop, and regular beauty makeup brands which are available year round at Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora, Wal Mart, etc.



White face I used…..
Ben Nye Cream Foundation in Clown White
(apply with a sponge)


s988899-main-hero UnknownFor the Black eyes I used…

Makeup Forever Black Eyeliner (outline the shape of the black eyes)

Krylon’s Burn and Injury Wheel (using the black colour fill in eye area)

Ben Nye Clown White Powder (on white area only with face powder brush)

Ben Nye Lumiere Eyeshadow in Ice (use any size fluffy foundation or eyeshadow brush)

Face Atelier black eyeshadow (on eye area only with small fluffy eyeshadow brush)eyeshadows






(Use a eyeshadow brush of your choice)Ben-Nye-Swatches-tag MAC-Jeanius-Eye-Shadow-Motorhead

Ben Nye Clown White (Flicks of white using thin brush)
set with translucent powder

Flicks of colour on Eyes:
Makeup Forever Liquid Eyeliner in Black or Navys1325430-main-hero

Ben Nye Lumiere Eyeshadow in Amheryst and Jade

MAC Eyeshadow in Motorhead

lip_pencil_-_rococco_red_1_1Lips: Outlined using Napoleon Peradis Lipliner in Burgendy

Lip Colour: Krylon Burn and Injury Wheel in Burgendy

Mascara in black

False eyelashes if you wish

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Look what came in the mail! Makeup Forever Artist Shadows


Today shopping online these days is common place and when you receive your order in the
mail your as giddy like a kid on christmas day! I know I am!

Because today I received five of Makeup Forever 30th Anniversary Artist Shadows.


With ecstatic anticipation, I opened my package and oohed and awed at the new colours.
Makeup Forever is celebrating their 30th anniversary, and so they are revolutionizing their
eye shadows with highly pigmented shadows in 210 colours containing matte, satin, metal, iridescent and diamond shades.

IMG_20140929_152640 IMG_20140929_152915





With the easy magnetic pallet I can easily access my five new colours in:

  •  M-536 (a matte light natural beige colour)
  • M-630 (a matte coco warm, brown colour)
  • M-548 (a matte medium plum colour)
  •  S-556 (a satin shade a mauve-y plum colour)
  • D-320 (a metallic shade with hints of smoky grey with metallic flecks of gold, silver and white) a very subtle smoky metallic.

There as smooth and soft as butter!

(excuse the picture on the right I dropped the eyeshadow! Whoops!)

IMG_20140929_152831 IMG_20140929_152841 IMG_20140929_152837 IMG_20140929_152750

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I’m nuts for Coconuts! Healthy & Beauty Edition

I’ve recently been making better choices to eating healthier and reading about its benefits.o-BENEFITS-OF-COCONUT-OIL-facebook

One particular item that has come become a part of my diet and beauty routine is coconut oil.

This inexpensive food item is not only good for your diet but your skin as well. No need to buy those expensive face and body lotions just go to your local grocery store or health food store!

Make sure though you purchase organic virgin coconut oil, not the refined stuff. Coconut_Oil_US_16oz_lrg2           I picked up Omega Nutrition Certified Organic Coconut Oil.

There are many benefits of coconut oil but here are a few:

  • a cholesterol free “good fat” can serve as a substitute in cooking and baking
  • use as a healthy alternative oil
  • a luscious oil great for sin care, hair care and massage
  •  apply on your skin and hair to improve moisture and prevent damage
  • remove your makeup using coconut oil with a washcloth or baby wipe

Want to read more about its health benefits? Read this article by Authority Nutrition Ten Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil.

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Cosmetic Junkie: Product Tester Reviews

Hello everyone and happy summer! (FINALLY)IMG_20140703_205157

I LOVE trying and playing with products. Even way before I decided I wanted to become a makeup artist I was always testing products whether they are new additions, cult favourites or unheard of products.

I’ve picked up some new items that I absolutely love and want to spread the cosmetic joy!


CULT PRODUCT : UrbanDecay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
A #1 selling product beloved by make-up artists and your everyday makeup girl, this foolproof primer helps maintain your eyeshadow hue intense and intact for hours on end. I’m officially in love with this primer now and forever!




I used my Ben Nye Luminere Grand Colour Pallet (think rainbow colours!) to show you with and without Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion!


(LEFT with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, RIGHT without Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion)











CULT PRODUCT: Benefit Hula Bronzerbenefit-hoola-bronzer

Are you seeking a bronzed look for yourself this summer minus the sun scorched look?  Go for
the #1 best seller, Benefit’s Bronzer in Hoola. I’ve been on the search for a good bronzer that will give me a sun kissed look without looking like an orange.

NEW PRODUCT: Benefit Hydrating Lip Balm

originalThese NEW yummy hydrating lip balms with a subtle hue of colour come in benebalm (red)posiebalm (Pink), lollibalm(Lilac) and chachabalm (Peach). I love how smooth they feel on my lips! I snagged the benebalm (red) and lollibalm(lilac). My fav so far is benebalm! approved!

joe-fresh-logoJoe Beauty 241

Unknown Product: Joe Fresh Lash Define Defining Mascara

I’ve never tried Joe Fresh’s beauty products before, so I picked up Joe Fresh Mascara for only $8 at Loblaws.  I was not disappointed for when I coated my lashes they never looked better!

REMEMBER every three months throw out your mascara as it becomes dry and clumpy, an ideal breeding ground for bacteria!

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Interest and Hobbies turn into Passion and Drive

Throughout my years as a Makeup Artist, I’ve learned that it makes total sense why I have
gravitated towards makeup as a career. Growing up I was always more interested in the arts, whether it was:

  • Colouring
  • Painting
  • Doodling
  • Sculpting
  • Cutting, glueing, and making crafts.
















My interest in experimenting in makeup began circa 1998 (grade 8 for me).
It was the tail end of the 90’s where the grunge era was dissipating and the flashy millennium was arriving.

Grunge-title-card 3106811024_a83564d462







Scan 8

During this time once a week I had dance class and beside that Unknowndance school was Shoppers Drug Mart.

Arriving early for class, I’d kill time wandering throughout the cosmetic aisle, my eyes peeling for the latest trends in colours and products.



My key makeup products at that time were:


It was not till 2005 that I had discovered my real passion and keen interest in makeup. After years of studying various subjects and random jobs, I realized in my makeup studies that I had found what I truly loved knew it was meant to be!

I had found my calling!

The key message to this blog is:

  • What your hobbies/interests are they are the root of what you are really passionate about!
  • Find what you love, pursue it, give it all you got non stop and never give up despite hardships, challenges and distractions in life!
  • Perseverance equals passion
  • Drive is your vehicle to your dreams and your destiny
  • Never give up despite any roadblocks in your life
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Makeup Forever HD Blush Event- Holy Smokes that was fun!

Makeupforever-logoblack1Hey everyone! Now I know its been a while since I last wrote, that is because I had been experiencing a bit of writer’s block (blaming on this frigid winter!)

But the writer’s block disappeared after attending a recent event inspired me to spread the word!cd992a0b91463fa1b122242004998056

Makeup Forever recently held a launch party for their NEW HD Cream Blush line. Of course I went and was immediately greeted by Makeup Forever artists, rows upon rows of their NEW HD Cream Blushes (16 shades in total!), scrumptious food and refreshments!
IMG-20140222-01060 IMG-20140222-01059







I warmed myself up from the winter cold with complementary tea by David’s Tea and promptly sat imagesdown with an artist and was  matched immediately with a peachy pink hue that best complimented my alabaster skin. To my delight and surprise, they gave me that plus another shade of blush and a angle blush brush (#150) for FREE!!

(See below)


I bunkered down, tested and selected four shades that I added to the two complimentary shades of blush I received earlier.







My final selection (from top to bottom): #210, #215, #225, #310, #410, #420





Plus complimentary travel size HD Pressed Powder.

This blush adventure was overall indeed a success!

I give Makeup Forever’s NEW HD Blush line two thumbs up from

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Makeup in Theatre: Old Love and Nude with Violin


ESP-Website-Banner Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping warm and active during this icy winter!
Coming up in February I will be involved doing hair and makeup  once again for Markham Little Theatre’s upcoming play Old Love.  I will also be working with a new theatre company East Side Players, in their upcoming play,  Nude with Violin.

OldLoveOld Love

When? February 5th-8th, 2014
Where? Flato Markham Theatre
Written by: Norm Foster
Directed by: Kerry Harman
Theatre Company: Markham Little Theatre
Buy Tickets here!

(MLT) A funny and touching love story about love in our later years. He is newly divorced….. and she is a new widow. He has had his eyes on her for years, only to make a move on her at a a funeral! Will love make a return in their lives?

Nude with ViolinNWV Poster small v2
When? February 20th to March 8th, 2014
Where? The Paper Mill Theatre
Written by: Noel Coward
Directed by: Jim Ivers
Produced by: Geraldine Browne
Theatre Company: East Side Players
Buy Tickets here!

(East Side Players) This classic Noel Coward comedy is a light, witty satire of the art establishment. A “great” painter has died, and the family and an esteemed art critic gather for the funeral and will in his Paris apartment. His loyal valet starts to reveal that all may not be as it seemed, with a series of zany characters causing increasing dismay to the family and art critic.

Stay tuned for details later on  my overall experience working on both plays, plus photos!

Cheers everyone!

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How to get the most bang out of your buck: TUBE EDITION!!

Image 12Hey Everyone! Hello and happy new year! Here’s to a fresh new start!

You all know I love my products, whether it’s skin care, makeup, or body care. When you’re running low at the end of your favourite tubed product, have no fear, for there is a favourite trick I do to get ALL the product out! All you need is scissors to accomplish this penny-pinching task!

(Well, since pennies are being discontinued, shall I call this a nickel pinching task?!)

Image 16

  1. Cut along just above the  base of the tube where the product is squeezed out
  2. Cut vertically along the side seam of the tube
  3. Then cut off the very top of the tube. This exposes what is left in the “neck” tube
  4. Whats left is a “cup” of the product easily accessible for your beauty maintenance needs

Image 8Image 13

Image 9Image 6

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Too Faced 4 you


Happy holidays from a self-confessed makeup junkie! Now, I have always been a lover of makeup and skincare way before I  enrolled in school for makeup and aesthetics back in 2005. Growing up, my bathroom usually looked like I had invaded Shoppers Drug Mart, which in reality I have since circa 1998.


So it wasn’t a surprise that I recently strolled into my local Sephora to view their special holiday beauty packages, though I already have WAY too much makeup, even for a professional makeup artist. The lure of the one stop cosmetic candy shop called Sephora called me in anyways! As I entered the store with restraint (heh heh), I began to wander aimlessly. I made sure to check out cosmetic brands that are new to me. One line in particular that was intriguing was       Too Faced Cosmetics.

too-faced-natural-eye-kitI looked at eyeshadow pallets and spied the Too Faced Natural Eye Pallet. This baby caught my eye because it contained nine natural colours that had a sheen and shimmer.  This would give me my much- needed subtle daily dose of glamour. The  pallet of colour captured my heart; I  couldn’t resist.



There are a variety of ways to use these shadows4099402489_e386f4c115 not only for your eyes, but also as a
highlighter (Heaven, Silk Teddy and Nude Beach colours for cheekbones, brow bones,  bridge of nose, and jawline) and brow colours (Velvet Expresso and Sexpresso to enhance colour and shape of brows.)


Remember makeup should be fun! So go ahead play and experiment with your beauty products!

Happy Holidays and thanks you all for support!






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Collecting art throughout my travels

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to travel to many places. Thanks to my wonderful parents, they wanted us to learn from a wider world experience, and so we were seldom homebound.   They took us to many provinces in our home country Canada; to our neighbour to the south, U.S.A; and beyond, to Europe, and the Caribbean. Because of them I have caught the travel bug and am eager to be on the go. When I travel I try to bring back memories of these remote places, especially art.IMG-20131129-00766


(Left) titled, Secret Garden I found when visiting the island of St. Martin, one of my stops while travelling through out the Caribbean.


(Right) The floral painting, titled Golden Rain, was purchased when I had stopped in  Monte Verde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica.        While visiting the forest reserve I came upon a small art gallery.  I had selected this small painting that was affordable and small enough to travel home with.



(Left) This photograph, titled Cuba chair, was taken by photographer Pat Donaldson.  I chose it because of the simplicity of the bare skeleton of the wrought iron chair set against the rough textured burgundy wall.




(Right)  This painting of a Poison Dart Frog, was found in the mountain town of Monte Verde, Costa Rica. Being an animal lover and fan of bright colours I just had to pick this up. I took it home and hung it up with pride


(Left) While driving to my first destination in Costa Rica, I took this photograph of a Morpho butterfly in a butterfly farm where we had stopped and had breakfast. Later on I had purchased this frame as it reminds me of the lush tropical rain forests of Costa Rica. It recently fell apart and I couldn’t bear without it, so I glued it back together! Voila!


(Right) This Retro Rukus Collar Hanger by RuckusDog I had picked up at Woofstock. I have had three dogs in my life, all  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and loved this rustic wood decor of breed I love. They’re company products are overall amazing and appealing to the eye.


(Left) This painting was created by Mary C. Weber and was picked up in island of Saint Lucia, while travelling throughout the Virgin Islands. The water colour painting was created on hand made paper and reflects the beautiful flowers of the island.


(Right) This abstract and modern painting with intertwining bursts of colour is by myself.  Like the great late Jackson Pollock, who was known for his abstract expressionist movement, I enjoying working with paint in a similar fashion. Slapping and smearing on the various colours of paint to whatever the painting may turn out to be is my favourite way to paint. My paintbrush is not a brush but actually a credit card!

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